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1st October 2011

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So I had a really nice experience today.

My fitness class got cancelled so I hung out with my Sherlockian friend who is pretty sexual, not necessarily in acts but in mindset. 

And we were catching up and talking and she was like “OMG I have to show you something” and pulls out her phone and then she was like “I know you’re more asexual than I am - I mean, I don’t know if you are of not”

and I’m like “No, I am.” 

And she was like “It’s cool, I mean, explain?”

and I was like “Huh?”

and she was like “I mean, what’s it like?” (it sounds weirder than it was)

and I was like “I just, you know, don’t get it, but, I can still appreciate the aesthetics of a human body” (also sounds weirder than it was)

and she was just like “I can just see you getting married to someone and them being like, your best friend. Like I can see you and [your best friend who is at a semester program in far away land being annoying and not-here] just being married.”

and in my head I was like (lol he is far to sexual for that it would be hilarious tho)

and then she was like, “Anyway I am deeply ashamed of finding these people attractive but they’re british so it’s ok”

and I was like “except for the one who looks like [that douchebag at our school]”

and we were like lolololololololololol and complained about him for a long time. 

The moral of this grammatical nightmare is that my cisgirl, heterosexual friend who is not particularly into activism or LGBT rights 

a) recognized spectrums without even calling attention to it

b) was totes respectful about not assigning me a sexuality

c) knew what asexuality even was

d) was super totally cool about me having a non-romantic non-sexual but cuddly friendship with a guy which indicates a surprising amount of anti-heteronormativity 

e) validated asexual relationships and marriages 

f) asked questions/ informed herself respectfully


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7th June 2011

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OMG! Adorbz of the Day: Feeling extremely unmotivated and unhappy of yourself? Looks like you need a loud dose of thumbs up for rock ‘n’ roll courtesy of the most inspirational kid ever.

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I want to give this child a hug. So much. 

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