Alex, she/hers, aromantic ace, 19, American in Scotland

I'm a second year student at the University of Edinburgh for English Literature.

This blog is unashamedly eclectic, so expect fandom things whatever grabs me at the moment. I also post a lot of social justice type posts.
I tag epilepsy warning (for fast or flashing gifs), arachnophobia, and common triggers in the form "x tw". Please ask me to tag anything you need to blacklist and I will absolutely do it without question. My askbox is always open.

I suffer from an advanced stage of dad humor. Prepare for puns.

23rd March 2014

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1st February 2014

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No matter how many times I see this, I still can’t decide whose face is the best.

Tagged: this post reminded me!!!! katniss = aro-ace queen of my heartfaceidr if its in the movie but in catching fire the bookfinnick flirts w her and chaff kisses her (which like a little bit gross but) and johanna strips in front of herand shes SO MADand she HATES THEM ALLand Peeta literally sits her down and is likekatniss bbdoll u realize they are deliberately winding u up bc u r new and because u r a TOTAL PRUDEand she is like WTF I AM NOT A PRUDEand then i forget what happens but bascially peeta and haymitch's faces in that last gifhappenand i was like!!!!!!!!aro-ace queen of my heartfaceanywayyeahgif warninggifsetthe hunger gamesaceblogging

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19th January 2014


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Tagged: ignore thisbears no relation to lsat nights post except it was because of the contents of that post that i couldnt sleep and thus oversleptanyway

18th January 2014

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Tagged: i was in a panic like... wait did they make out in s2? have i missed something dramatic? wtffffff?and then i was like... did they just make out at random? was this leaked? have i missed something dramatic?and then i rememberedand reverted to god has blessed us every one with this sunshine of a man u go andrew scot 4 for u andrew scottanywaybbc sherlockgif warninggifsetsorry about myself(is apparently my new sherlock tag lol)

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20th December 2013

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cool idea: bait all the anglophiles at your school into attending a ‘british culture’ club with relevant shitty fandom posters

when they get there, lock them in the room with tea, crumpets, finger sandwiches and 8 hours worth of documentaries on the horrors of british imperialism. don’t allow them to leave until they have watched every single one.

very “clockwork orange”-ish. i like it.

Tagged: t h i sgod the political history books are freaking hilariousjustpolitely boasting about the importance of reform from the death penalty to transportation!to the australian colonies!yay!that's the only thing about colonies we need to mention right!oh right britain was at peace for 100 years~except ya knowthose little colonial warswhich (and I quote)it was quite good atTHAT IS AN ACTUAL QUOTE WOWanywaysorry

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9th December 2013

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Two linguists walk into a bar.


Also, scope ambiguity

Also structural ambiguity if you pretend that “into a bar” is the name of your dog.

(I’ve been marking intro linguistics finals and it gives me far-fetched ideas about constituency.)

Step 1. Become a linguist.
Step 2. Marry a linguist.
Step 3. Get a dog.
Step 4. Name dog “Into A Bar.”
Step 5. Two linguists walk into a bar.

Tempted to get a dog now so I can name it this and take it walking with ling-friends.

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30th November 2013

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What do teens like?!? Is it memes? Memes about skeletons? Piss? Communism?

this post is 20x funnier if you imagine a CEO shouting it at his board of directors

Tagged: every time i see this post i read the op and i'm like 'um'and then the second comment i just start laughing hystericallyim trying to think of the fictional ceo im thinking ofhe's quite short and fat with a moustache and a big cigarnot a nathan lane characternot mr dursleyishshorterfuckYES IT'S BRIAN COX AS SYDNEY NEWMAN IN THAT EXCELLENT DOCUDRAMA ABOUT THE BEGINNING OF DOCTOR WHOHIMMMMMM(also that was a great movie it's literally about a jewish woman and an indian man teaming up at the bbc and creating doctor whobecause they are great and stick together and stand up to sydney newman aka old white dude bbc man)it's p greatanywayit's a pun in its heart

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22nd November 2013


Things I Am Hecked Up About (this is my first time using that internet slang)

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Tagged: how does one emotions?im not used to being sadi feel like legolas in the two towers except the ale is my feelingsanywaythis is why i was sad about dali as wellhashtag feelin homesicki thinkim still really happy to be here I'm just kinda done with this semester and thanksgivng is doing the thingAlex is a special floweralex goes to college

16th November 2013

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and they say romance is dead


and they say romance is dead

Tagged: ~but we can't get ~~lost~~ anymore because ~~iphones~~ guys~(sorry everyone remembers that post right? good lets continue with the rage)PEOPLE STILL DO DUMB SHIT ITS JUST COOLER THAN THE SHIT YOU DID AS A KID JACKASS POSTER THAN IS NOT THIS ONEanywaysorrymoving onchildren are perfect do not teach them otherwise

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12th November 2013

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I’m annoyed at these “hi ____, I’m dad” jokes

hi ‘annoyed at these “hi ____, im dad” jokes’, im dad


Tagged: I have a friendwho willevery single time you say I'm _____will say Hi I'm Jackthat's alli justi do know someone who does thisall the timehe is not a dadbut he will be a great one someday should he wish tojack would be an amazing dadhe spent three hours tonight baking five kilos of flapjackshe plays bass in a ceilidh bandalso trombone and accordianhe's really really lovelyanyway

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